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Greenberg: 3D a narrow market opportunity

3D is still to expensive for most consumers

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has said that he believes that 3D is too expensive to represent more than a narrow market opportunity at the moment.

Speaking in an interview with VG247 at this year's E3 Greenberg explained why Microsoft is not embracing 3D in the way that Sony and Nintendo are.

Greenberg explained: "The question is whether or not the consumer demand is there. Thats the unanswered question. We're not a consumer electronics company thats trying to sell 3D TVs, so we have the benefit of waiting until the market responds. We're going to take probably more of a pull than a push approach".

That said, Microsoft is not shying away from 3D. Greenberg continues: "We're a fully 3D-capable console today. We support 3D games that are in the market today. If you look at things like Avatar and the new Batman game, and some of the titles that were announced in 3D [at E3] like Crysis 2, theyre coming to Xbox 360. Theres no confusion that anyone looking for a 3D gaming experience will find those same experiences on the Xbox."

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