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Id Software and NVIDIA unite

Best of friends...

In a deal not entirely dissimilar to the arrangement between ATI and Valve concerning Half-Life 2, NVIDIA have today confirmed a new endorsement agreement with Id Software involving Doom 3, which will see new graphics hardware embellished with "Recommended by id Software for Doom III". The game itself will no doubt also carry NVIDIA's "The way it's meant to be played" slogan, or similar 'advice'.

"NVIDIA is pleased to announce that id Software recommends the GeForce FX family of graphics processing units for DOOM 3. The rich feature set and programmability of GeForce FX GPUs enable the gripping world of DOOM 3 to come to life with real-time dynamic lighting and shadow, while raw horsepower delivers non-stop multi-player action at lightning-fast frame rates," enthuses the official spiel, adding "Look for this sticker on video cards equipped with a GeForce FX GPU, and witness the mind-blowing detail of the DOOM 3 experience - the way it's meant to be played."

Of course, a top-end card from either of the graphics hardware industry's major players is bound to cut it in either Half-Life 2 or Doom III anyhow - which really makes such marketing initiatives as this little more than a load of hot air. Ho-hum.

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