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RTW gives reviewers time to digest APB

They just want reviewers to play the game properly

Some outlets have been making a big deal out of the fact that Realtime Worlds has placed an embargo on reviews of their new action MMO, All Points Bulletin for a week after release.

The Crackdown creators however assured the press that the embargo was just to make sure that reviewers take the time to experience the game properly before writing it up.

Realtime Worlds community manager for APB, Neil Castle took time to give their reasoning behind the decision to Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Castle explains: "The Key to the City event is a demo event, not an open beta in the usual sense of the term. Players only have 5 hours of Action District playtime and are well aware that characters, customizations, vehicles, clothing and symbols created during the event are going to be wiped in time for launch.

"As a result anyone attempting to review the game during this period would experience a somewhat unrealistic representation of what APB is offering the user and as such it was deemed inappropriate to allow reviewers to do so.

"The decision was purely based on wanting reviewers to experience and see the full live server with players having both progressed and expressed themselves. Our service will also be down for the period between the end of Key to the City on June 19th and the start of our Early Access event in North America on June 26th. This too would have prevented reviewers from playing the game.

"The initial July 6th embargo date was based on the UK street date of July 2nd and on press not having access to the game until said date. We are however moving the embargo date forward to July 2nd and giving reviewers invitations to the Early Access event in order to ensure that they are able to properly experience APB and its community in time for street date."

So there you go.

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