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SOCOM 4 very simple with Move

Zipper makes it look so easy

The E3 demo of SOCOM 4 that Sony are showing off at their booth demonstrates just how easy the game will be to control using Move.

With the Move control scheme for SOCOM 4 is a blindingly simple point and shoot affair using the subcontroller for movement. Using the targetting reticle players with Move can easily use weapons, call in air strikes and command the four-man squad to provide support.

The control system is very reminiscent of the control system Retro Studios employed in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It does seem to take great advantage of the accuracy advantage that Move has over the Wii.

Zipper Interactive's Mark Rogers recorded a video demo which is now available on the PlayStation blog giving those unable to make it to E3 a flavour of how SOCOM 4 will play with Move.

SOCOM 4 will also employ a traditional Dualshock 3 control system.

E3 Trailer