Up to 24 Dreamcast games coming to PSN and XBLA

No Saturn games yet though

SEGA has confirmed that there are plenty more Dreamcast classic titles on the way after Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi make their apperances.

Mike Hayes, president of SEGA West, told CVG of their plans for the Dreamcast back catalogue behind the scenes at E3.

Hayes said:"We hope to have somewhere between 18 to 24. Around that."

He was a bit more cagey on the possibility of Saturn titles coming to download adding:"We don't have any more plans than Dreamcast at the moment. You're talking about things like Saturn etc? No, we're focusing on Dreamcast. There's a significant catalogue there."

"With Dreamcast, we want to refocus people on that particular console," Hayes continued. "We want to make it more of a campaign... Confusing it by putting other [systems] in, we decided probably wouldn't be the right thing. And obviously the Dreamcast was huge for the fans."

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