New promo images of Homefront 2 make an appearance

Mildly murky photos show a new promotional material for Homefront 2

Some first promotional images of Homefront 2 have appeared on the internet today.

The images show a war-torn New York City which would mean the setting is jumping coasts to fight off the Korean Peoples' Army in the Big Apple, a setting that developer Crytek has a lot of experience with with the Crysis series.

Crytek was originally handed the series by THQ after the launch of the first game was plagued by server issues and complaints that its single player was far too short (many claim it lasted around 4 hours) and they closed its New York-based developer Kaos Studios. New promo images of Homefront 2 make an appearance

They then bought up the rights to the series when THQ folded and continued to work on the game at Crytek UK (the team that was originally Free Radical). Under THQ it was originally slated for release in 2015 but Crytek stated back in January that this could change.

Thanks VG247.