Nintendo lifts lid on 3DS and new Kid Icarus

No glasses, ever

The 3DS handheld came to the fore as the culmination of Nintendo's E3 press conference today, the platform holder affirming that '3DS' is the final product name.

The hardware negates the need for 3D glasses, moving the player closer to the action, and there will be lashings of 3D content from day one, we're assured.

Blue and black 3DS consoles was shown off by Nintendo, the system boasting two (different sized) screens, with two analogue sticks present. Nintendo lifts lid on 3DS and new Kid Icarus

The larger screen will be 3.5 inches across, and includes two exterior cameras; allowing users to take 3D pictures. Beyond glasses-free 3D, the 3DS will sport better graphics - good news for third-party developers.

A full motion sensor and gyroscope is included, and the system is compatible with the DSi.

What's more, the 3DS will be capable of playing 3D movies - Nintendo positioning the system as a low-cost way of joining the 3D revolution.

The biggest 3DS game confirmed so far will apparently be Kid Icarus Uprising, a new game being crafted especially to promote the new handheld. An early demo features lots of flying, impressive visuals, and full 3D combat.

Speaking generally, the 3DS will seek-out WiFi spots, downloading new content and software behind the scenes. What's more, there will be no monthly charge for using all this.

Nintencats was confirmed in the briefing, with Kingdom Hearts 3D, Saints Row, DJ Hero 3D, Ninja Gaiden, Street Fighter IV, Professor Layton, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear Solid, and more all on the way. Almost every single big name publisher is involved in some form. We'll have more as we get it.

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