Wii gets Mario Sports, DS gets Golden Sun

Fils-Aime promises breadth

Speaking today about Nintendo's ambition new titles, based on 'universal appeal', Reggie Fils-Aime told E3 that big sporting franchises like Madden NFL, Pro Evolution Soccer, MLB 2K and NBA Jam are set for the Wii.

These big titles will be joined by Mario Sports Mix - a compilation that apparently includes volleyball, ice hockey, dodgeball, basketball and more - amid gameplay that puts a spin on these traditional activities.

The new compilation is due in 2011, and Fils-Aime held up the range as an example of the Wii's ongoing strength.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn was also revealed for the DS by the big wig, a top-down RPG, with heavy stylisation being the order of the day. Turn-based battles in full 3D are mooted, and the gamr will be out this Christmas.

E3 Trailer