Crysis 2 in 3D confirmed

CryEngine to be fully showcased

Early rumours that Crysis 2 could be in 3D have been confirmed.

EA and Crytek announced in a release just ahead of their E3 press conference that Crysis 2 will include full 3D support.

As well as PC 3D support, Crysis 2 will be in 3D on PS3 and Xbox 360 as well.

Crytek's Cervat Yerli explains: "At Crytek, we always strive to raise the technology bar. As the 3D revolution sweeps movies and television, we are excited to bring Crysis 2 to 3D, making it the first big action game to be available in true stereoscopic 3D. The 3D experience represents a quantum leap in interactive entertainment. With all of the same story and action seen in the 2D version of the game, the 3D version adds another dimension of intensity and immersion to the action."

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