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Cliffy B enraptured by Kinect

LA showing impresses Epic man

Epic Games developer Cliffy B - Cliff Beszinski to you and me - has told Twitter that he was blown away by the Kinect Experience, which took place in Los Angeles this evening.

The spectacle took in performance art from the Cirque Du Soleil, and mixed live dance and acrobatics with in-game footage from forthcoming Kinect titles.

"I think Microsoft just took a nice step towards 'entertainment' from 'software'," the Gears of War maker told Twitter. "Nobody has any idea what's going on. 6 game journos on the ground floor, all terrified... Haha this is kind of awesome actually."

Attendees at the event were kitted-out in luminous ponchos, which turned various colours under the arena lights creating quite an impressive display. We'll have more for you from E3 very soon.

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