Crysis 2 to offer 3D support?

Not only on PS3, either...

Rumour this afternoon has it that Crysis 2 could support 3D when it launches later this year. This news comes courtesy of USA Today, the same source which correctly revealed that Natal will be officially known as Kinect.

Not only will the game support 3D visuals on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, it'll also offer full 3D action in multiplayer as well - the mode being worked on by Crytek UK.

"The success of 3-D movies like Avatar and the introduction of 3D TVs from the hardware manufacturers tells us that this is the next big movement in entertainment, much like HD was years ago," beams boss-man Cevat Yerli.

SOCOM 4 will join Killzone 3 in supporting 3D on the PS3 - USA Today add. More as we get it on this.

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