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Official: Natal is Kinect, Star Wars game spied

Disney also lined-up

During an entertaining and occasionally bizarre pre-E3 showing, Microsoft employed the acrobatic services of the Cirque du Soleil to officially unveil their motion control system as 'Kinect'.

As rumoured earlier today, the system that formerly went by the name of Natal will henceforth be called Kinect, although Microsoft declined to offer any dating or pricing for the system - which may now appear in tomorrow's official E3 briefing.

Beyond the official product name, the show also saw us witness a number of games in action - including a sports compilation, a Yoga title, an impressive dance game, some white water rafting fun, a racer and a number of other casually-positioned mini-games. Official: Natal is Kinect, Star Wars game spied

A Disney hook-up was also confirmed at the event, although no specific properties or games were mentioned alongside the motion controller.

Perhaps most impressive, however, was the Star Wars game we saw running in the flesh. In the demo in question the player took control of a young Jedi, cutting through swathes of enemies brandishing an impressive light saber, before coming face to face with Darth Vader himself.

We'll have more on Kinect just as soon as we get it.

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