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Xbox 360 Natal becomes Kinect at E3?

Two versions set for unveil

Ahead of a lavish showing in Los Angeles this evening, rumour has it that Microsoft's Natal motion control system will be officially unveiled as 'Kinect' - according to a leak via newspaper USA Today.

The controller-free system is one of the Xbox 360's big hopes for autumn 2010, and word in this evening hints that Kinect will launch with a number of games.

Kinectimals will offer up virtuals pets, and this will be joined by the sports selection Kinect Sports, according to rumours. There will also be racer Joyride, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central and even secret games from LucasArts and Disney - including Star Wars and Disney characters.

In separate news, blog VG247 catches word that Kinect will come in two flavours - the priciest costing 189 USD.

The premium version will apparently include a motorised camera base, while a cheaper version will require manual adjustments by the sound of things. We're hoping for official word on all this from Microsoft this evening. Watch this space.

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