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Guerilla: FPS games shouldn't neglect storytelling

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Herman Hulst of Killzone developer Guerilla Games has said that FPS makers should focus more on storytelling.

Hulst told Gamasutra in an interview of how important he believes story to be for the FPS genre going forward.

Hulst said: "We get a lot of mail, a lot of ideas from the community, within story, dialogue, and characters and all these elements obviously are tied into each other. I think it's very important, in particular after releases like Uncharted 2 that really raised the bar on storytelling. It's become an area that you just can't neglect, you really have to pay attention to it."

Killone 3 is set to feature jetpacks and will be endowed with 3D and Move support. It is rumoured to be destined for release in May 2011.