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DSi price drop imminent?

Japanese price cut announced

All indications are that the DSi will see a price cut very soon.

In Japan, Nintendo announced a price cut for the DSi ahead of the predicted announcement of the 3DS at this year's E3.

This announcement was followed by the news that the trade price of a DSi in the UK will be cut from the 18th of June.

The price cuts in Japan are 2,000 YEN for the DSi XL and 3,800 YEN for the DSi. This equates to a potential 30 to 40 GBP price cut in the UK.

In Japan, the DSi XL will also be launch in three new colours: Dark Blue, Yellow and Green. The new colours will be targeted at younger gamers who haven't seemed to take well to the Dark Brown and Wine Red units currently available.

Thanks MCV.

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