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RTW: We want Crackdown 2 to do well

Success testament to the first title

The studio manager of Realtime Worlds has shed some light on their relationship with Crackdown 2 developer Ruffian, and offered their support for Crackdown 2.

Speaking in an in-depth interview with us recently Colin MacDonald said that they hoped for every success for Crackdown 2.

In the interview MacDonald explains quite candidly that the situation between Realtime Worlds and Ruffian over the Crackdown franchise resulted from Microsoft rather than anything else.

MacDonald said very honestly: "Both Crackdown 2 and APB are coming out soon and we hope that they're both a big success because Crackdown 2 being a big success is testament to all the work that we put in for the five years it too to make the original."

He added optimistically: "It's really a double whammy for us."

You can read the whole interview with Colin about APB, Crackdown and what the future holds for Realtime Worlds very soon.

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