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PS3 3D update coming next week

It's finally here and poking out of the TV at us

Sony has set the date for the 3D update for the PS3 firmware for the 10th of June.

From then on lucky owners of 3D TVs will finally be able to play games (other than the mediocre Avatar) in glorious 3D.

Wipeout HD, Super Stardust and Pain will be the first titles to receive a 3D update with the first two being free but Pain seems to require the outlay of 300 Yen in Japan for 3D support.

In addition to this Gran Turismo 5 has been confirmed as supporting 3D and Killzone 3 is also rumoured to include 3D functionality as well.

Of course the 3D update doesn't include 3D Blu-Rays as yet but Sony are promising that this will be added by the end of the year.

Thanks Andriasang.

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