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Cliffy B: Heavy Rain kids hideous

Faces only a mother could love

Epic's creative guru Cliff Bleszinski has been talking about his experiences of playing Heavy Rain.

Cliffy B told European site GameReactor in an interview that he thought that the game was good but that the children in the game were the most hideous he has ever seen.

He said playfully: "It really grows on me. But, even if I feel it's a really good game, I don't think they have done enough to avoid the "uncanny valley" problems. The children in the game are some of the most hideous I have seen. Ever."

He continued: "But the game has really grabbed me, and the scene early on where you are at the shopping mall trying to find your kid is very effective. And the tension they create at times, is really cool. I haven't gotten that far into it, just a couple of hours, but I'm sold on it."

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