New multiplayer modes unveiled for Battlefield: Hardline

Hotwire and Rescue join the two modes already revealed at E3

Visceral came to the stage during EA's Gamescom 2014 press conference to show off a fair wad of Battlefield: Hardline.

One of the key moments in their presentation was the announcement of two new multiplayer modes for their cops-and-robbers spin on DICE's seminal military shooter series.

Hotwire is a high-speed chase mode which sees both cops and criminals seeking out marked vehicles. Rescue is a new five-on-five mode which sees a SWAT team try to infiltrate a location and rescue hostages held by five criminals.

Battlefield: Hardline was due to be release in October but, after the feedback from the intitial beta test on PC and PS4 in June EA took the decision to hold the game back until 2015 in order to get it just right for launch.

Thanks egmr.

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