iPad launches worldwide today

Queues begin forming at Apple stores across the world

The iPad has finally arrived in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan today.

After selling over a million units in just under a month in the States, Apple's new handheld device has finally made it overseas.

Just like in the US, technophiles and Apple fans are queuing up to be the some of the first people to get their hands on the shiny new tablet outside of America.

Despite the optimistic outlook from the initial sales one developer has warned that there will be no overnight successes on the iPad like there was with the iPhone.

Grapple Mobile's Ed Lea told "It's going to be a lot harder for bedroom developers to write a few thousand lines of code and release an overnight success on iPad as we saw on iPhone in the early days. The development process for world class iPad apps is much longer and the focus on user-interface is even greater than iPhone."

"Simply building bigger versions of iPhone apps isn't going to cut it," continues Lea. "Typically [users are] going to be in the home, consuming content on iPads. They will expect the large format screen to be fully utilised. On iPhone Apple made it very easy to create simple apps that look and work great. With so much extra screen size developers must put a lot more effort into creating interfaces that continue to delight users in an intuitive way."

The Apple iPad comes in 3G and non-3G flavours and with prices starting at 429 GBP. If you want a decent amount of memory and 3G functionality be prepared to pay as much as 699 GBP though.

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