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RTW: Console APB must have dedicated servers

No compromises here

Realtime Worlds has said that APB won't appear on consoles unless it features dedicated servers.

Design lead on APB, EJ Moreland, told Develop that, with the growth of online gaming, the industry needs to support it with the right technology.

Moreland said: "I get the impression that the likes of Activision and Infinity Ward are coming round to the idea that using dedicated servers is important."

To emphasise the importance of dedicated servers he added: "I get why there was an outcry about the peer-to-peer hosting on Modern Warfare 2 because its so unpredictable what the quality of the online experience is going to be. That can really impact your experience, and we don't want that, we want people to have a good experience every single time."

His only conclusion was: "When we talk to publishing partners for the Xbox Live and PS3 network versions of [APB], the one thing we won't compromise on is a guarantee that APB will always offer a reliable and hosted service."

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