Aliens vs. Predator to feature on OnLive

Rebellion boss excited about the service

Rebellion boss, Jason Kingsley, has confirmed that Aliens vs. Predator will appear on the games streaming service OnLive.

Kingsley told the IBIS/LBS Videogames Investment Network that Rebellion were working with OnLive to prepare AvP to run on the service.

Kingsley made the comments as part of a speech extolling the virtues of opportunities outside the traditional console sphere controlled by the major platform holders.

He said: "We're working on something with OnLive at the moment, which enables you to play one of our games, Aliens vs Predator - but you don't actually have to own a copy of the game, you can play it remotely."

Kingsley continued: "It's very exciting - and what I think is really exciting is that it's all about content. These guys have got some very interesting business models."

Kingsley's announcement could indicate that Sega has signed up for OnLive alongside EA, Ubisoft and Take-Two - but they have declined to comment.


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