Mass Effect movie totally happening

Rated extraterrestrial

Developer BioWare has struck a deal with Legendary Pictures for a movie based on the role-playing series, with early speculation already being cast as to the film's writer, director, and other vital crew.

The Hollywood Report's HeatVision blog broke news of the deal, noting that the movie was in the earliest planning stages and has no tentative release window yet.

Series producer Casey Hudson will serve as an executive producer on the movie, which he claims is "perfectly suited to be a motion picture." Just like Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, and Doom before it, right?

While the involvement of the game's producer is a positive sign, the recent cancellation or delay of other high profile game movies (Halo and Gears of War, anyone?) make the prospect of a Mass Effect flick a tenuous one. Even if does make it to theatres, do you think it will include the hidden Asari-Elcor sex scene from Mass Effect 2?

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