EA already hyping Crysis 3

Sure of themselves

Not content with focusing on the upcoming release of visually impressive shooter Crysis 2, EA is already talking up unannounced sequels and the long term plans for the young series.

CVG spoke with EA Partners head David DeMartini who trumpeted Crysis 2 as a contender for 2010 game of the year and projected future sequels will be published by the California-based company.

"My personal hope is that it's critically viewed in a category with the Bungie game and the upcoming Call Of Duty - as well as the best things that EA has - as the greatest game of the year."

DeMartini sounded confident that Crysis 3 and beyond would be under the EA label, affirming that he would be eager to sign publishing deals with developer Crytek. With Crysis 2 not expected until December at the earliest, DeMartini seems to be counting his chicks before they've hatched.

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