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PSP Go blazing a trail for PSP 2

Blazing is perhaps too strong a word

New comments from Sony have fuelled speculation that the PSP 2 will forego traditional media completely.

Head of Sony Computer Entertainment of Australia, Michael Ephraim, boldly stated that the poorly-received PSP Go is blazing a trail for the next generation of PSP.

Ephraim said: "PSPgo was the first device of its kind where you did not have packaged goods or pre-recorded media, and I think PSPgo will blaze the trail for future iterations of the handheld."

He continued: "The handheld space is very crowded, not just in the games category but also with smartphones and so on. So we're happy we launched it so we can understand the market and we will re-energise sales very shortly with new promotions."

Hopefully the 'new promotions' he is talking about will include a drop in price. E3 may reveal all...

Thanks Edge Online.

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