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Capcom and Sega team-up on Steel Fang

New PC game goes online

Word on the street (well net, actually), has it that major Japanese industry players Capcom and Sega are joining to forces to produce a brand new online PC game. Steel Fang is the name of their collaboration, and will allow players to assume 'cyborg' style roles in a sci-fi world, featuring a Devil May Cry combat system.

Although the concept behind Steel Fang is actually of Sega's imagination, the game is apparently being created by Nextech under supervision from Capcom's R&D Division 4. The developer has previously worked with Capcom on Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Numerous gravity-defying feats of athleticism will be capable through a combination of keyboard and mouse control in this game for up to six players, meanwhile player 'Guardians' will add a twist to the gameplay as these robots must be protected or hidden as it is through them that the player can regenerate when killed. Players will communicate via hotkeys or voice-over IP.

The game will be operated online by Japanese telecom firm IPS Nifty, and will carry a 980 yen monthly subscription charge. Beta testing will commence very soon, next month in fact, whilst the game is expected to fully launch in May.

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