Fable III definitely coming to the PC

No slips this time

After a series of rather disastrous PR slips, Microsoft has finally announced the details for a PC version of Fable III.

According to the Lionhead website, Fable III will definitely be arriving on the PC as well as the Xbox 360.

The 360 version will be getting a Collector's Edition at 59.99 GBP or 79.99 USD with the regular version coming in at 44.99 GBP or 59.99 USD - the PC edition pricing at 39.99 GBP or 49.99 USD.

The Collector's Edition adds an extra quest for a legendary sword called Wolfsbane, an exclusive location, Fable III playing cards, a Gold Seal coin featuring a good side and a bad side, a new breed of dog and a unique outfit.

It seems that Lionhead has decided to be quite generous with the special edition.

Thanks VG247.

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