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Valve finally interested in the PS3

No vendetta harboured against Sony

Valve have finally admitted that they're ready to start looking at coding for the PlayStation 3.

Valve supremo, Gabe Newell, confessed in a recent interview that they have no real reason why they haven't put out more titles on the PS3.

He said: "There are a lot of interesting things about the PS3, and easily the most interesting thing is the number of [Steam-user] customers who have PS3s. The fact that our customers are interested in the PS3 is probably the single biggest determinate in how we think about the console."

By way of an explanation he added: "There are a lot of issues - It would be hard to explain how we make decisions on [which platforms to develop for].Where are our iPhone games? Where are our iPad games, why don't we ship anything on the DS, why don't we ship anything on the PSP? Why don't we invest in microtransactions, why don't we have any Flash-based and casual kinds of games? That sort of analysis is something we look at all the time. The outcome is that we're shipping all our games on the Mac. I don't really know how to go into it without walking through the whole [evaluation]."

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