Special editions are the way of the future

Everything else will move to download

Industry veteran, Marko Hein, believes that collectable editions could become the standard as publishers try to keep retail sales moving.

Hein, who has just become COO at Port Plexus, explained to the importance of mixing things up at retail to keep consumers interested.

He began: "I think the Special or Collector's Editions of today could become the standard editions of tomorrow, because you have to differentiate your physical product from the digital download or online game. There's a certain need to provide more additional value to your goods, to stand out against digital distribution in the future."

"Saying this, the boxed product has a problem," continued Hein. "Which is that it doesn't necessarily provide additional value to what you get when you download a game. That means that if your company is in the boxed product business, you need to think how you can provide additional value that doesn't exist in the digital download. Otherwise, when you can download the product for 10 or 20, there's no need for the consumer to pay exactly the same price for the box."

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