Dynamo move into social games

Lets get social

Scottish mobile games developer, Dynamo Games, has decided to move into the social games market.

Dynamo has already seen huge success developing the Championship Manager series for mobile phones and the iPhone and is now seeking to emulate this success on social networking sites.

Their first social networking game, titled Soccer Tycoon, is set in familiar territory for Dynamo.

Dynamo MD, Brian McNicoll, said: "The games market is undergoing an incredible transformation which is changing every aspect of the business. New devices and platforms are creating and opening up markets, which simply didn't exist a few years ago. Developers cannot afford to ignore these new channels since the business models underpinning the 'mainstream' games industry simply do not work. Dynamo has repositioned itself to take advantage of these new opportunities and ensure we remain at the forefront of the games industry as it continues to evolve. It's about being smarter, not larger."

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