9 out of 10 UK homes own a console

Results encourage games industry

The results of a new Ofcom survey have highlighted just how big a part of our lives gaming has become.

The survey showed that a whopping 93 percent of households in the UK own at least one home console.

TIGA CEO, Dr Richard Wilson said: "Video games are embedded in Scottish culture and society in particular and the UK more generally. Video games can reflect society, make cultural commentary, use narrative and can be highly artistic. Video games also interact with other forms of media, for example, inspiring film, television and music."

UK developers are hopeful that the figures will encourage the new UK government to introduce tax breaks for the games industry.

Chris Wright, COO of Dundee-based Proper Games added hopefully: "Ofcom's new research shows that video games are one of the dominant cultural past times in Scottish society. Video games are the industry of the future. The industry will realise its potential if the new Coalition Government in Westminster introduces Games Tax Relief."

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