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Sony: 3D is easier than 2D

Converting 2D to 3D is the hard part

Simon Benson, senior development manager for Sony, has said that 3D is actually easier to code for than 2D.

Benson told the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine that building 3D games from the ground up was easy. The real challenge was in re-coding 2D games to work in 3D.

He said: "Retrofitting 3D is actually harder than building 3D into a game from the outset. One of the big issues is that all of the game assets were designed to work with only one HD output. Being able to render them twice to make a 3D output can be a challenge."

Benson continued: "We're actually surprised at how much time game designers currently spend working around the lack of 3D in 2D games. When we first started working with 3D features, we thought it might introduce difficulties in game design, but actually the opposite is true."

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