UK games tax breaks on the back burner

Con/Dems go back on their word

According to a source within Whitehall, the games industry tax breaks promised by both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have been put on hold.

An anonymous source told Develop that it was too early for the new government to start exploring new policy options and they needed to find their feet before any work began.

The source said: "We're not really sure what the future holds. It's very early days and we have to hold discussions and set in train how this is going to work."

Political expert, David Kett commented: "The situation with the coalition government is new grounds for all of us. Osborne's major aim in the emergency budget is to make sweeping cuts and, I suspect, tax increases. That makes a tax break proposal unlikely, but might be used as a counterweight to all the cuts he is going to announce."

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

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