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SOCOM 4 backup details revealed

South Korean specialists join SOCOM

Sony and Zipper Interactive have released details on the new combat team you will be leading in SOCOM 4.

The four squaddies that will be backing up players in the single player campaign have now been revealed to the world. The team includes four rock-solid combat specialists to back you up.

Korean special forces veteran, Park Yoon-Hee is Korea's leading female counter-terrorist operative.

Wells is and expert in explosives, security and HALO. He has served as a security advisor in Iraq and considers himself to be your right-hand man.

Schweitzer is the heavy weapons guy who can't keep his mouth shut but comes into his own when under heavy fire.

Chung Kwan is the unit's second Korean operative. He specialises in electronic countermeasures and reconnaissance. He is always in control and has an almost clairvoyant sense for danger.

The character's full bios appear on the latest entry of Sony's European PlayStation blog.

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