CoD: Black Ops requires some chopper piloting

Game details begin to surface

More details on Call of Duty: Black Ops have been appearing on the Internet.

A recent preview in the UK's OXM has been showing off some of the more interesting features to appear in the latest Call of Duty game.

The biggest new feature is the inclusion of some helicopter piloting segments. These are not just your run-of-the-mill fire-a-minigun-from-a-moving chopper on-rail shooter bits, but actual helicopter flying with guns and missiles.

They also confirmed that some of the missions will involve fighting against the North Vietnamese army so the game will be spending some time in 'Nam.

The multiplayer elements were some of the first elements that were up-and-running and Treyarch promises better uptake on player feedback, improved matchmaking to make it easier to hook up with friends in-game, and a new level of class customisation through Create-a-Class 2.0.

Thanks VG247.

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