Gears of War 3 adds RPG elements

Dom and Marcus sharpen their 6-sided dice

Cliff Bleszinski has said that the latest Gears of War title has blended in some RPG elements this time out.

Epic's creative guru has been talking about how Gears of War 3 is turning out.

Bleszinski said: "You'll see a little bit more RPG elements in the next Gears game that are very light. The shooters that I've liked the most lately are ones like BioShock, which had some light RPG elements, as well as Borderlands, which I continue to gush about."

He also spoke on the gradual bleed of genres that is happening in gaming. He added: "Game developers have a way of cross-pollinating an immense amount. Gears was influenced by Resident Evil, then Resident Evil 5 was influenced by Gears. So, maybe you'll see elements from more RPGs, or Heavy Rain narrative style elements, start bleeding into the genre."

Thanks NowGamer.

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