No 'run-and-gun' in Dead Space 2

No one-liners either

Steve Paptousis executive producer on Dead Space 2 has said that Visceral are working hard on the pacing of the new horror title, to make sure it doesn't turn into another run-and-gun action game.

Speaking in an interview with VG247 Paptousis emphatically stated that they were aiming to stamp Dead Space 2 with full horror credentials.

Paptousis said: "Action's been a question that a lot of people have been asking about. It's funny, because a lot of people say that the first game was a horror-action shooter, and when we've spoken about action this time around, I think some people are taking that out of context."

"What I really want to be extremely clear about with everybody," he continued. "Is that Dead Space 2 is a not a run-and-gun game, we're not turning it into that."

He concluded: "So, anybody that thinks Dead Space 2 is going to turn in to some run-and-gun space marine game where the hero is busting off one-liners is totally wrong and should not be worried about that."

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