EA: Modern Warfare is a damaged franchise

No bad blood between EA and Activision

David DeMartini, the EA man behind the "Treyarch are the B-team" comment, has been needling the Call of Duty series again.

DeMartini has weighed in with his opinions on the whole Infinity Ward debacle.

DeMartini said: "But what I'd say is you haven't seen any internal studios up and leave EA. If Infinity Ward was an internal studio at EA would things have been different? I think yes - but I'm biased."

To add further insult to injury he wasn't particularly complimentary on the Call of Duty series in general. He added: "A franchise is damaged - maybe never to be the same again. But then at the same time other things spring up. As one thing dies, you have Respawn popping up - who are going to do other great things in collaboration with us now."

Thanks MTV Multiplayer.

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