Epic expect Unreal Engine to rule the roost

Experience will see them through

Epic president, Mike Capps, is fully expecting Unreal Engine 4 to be the dominant game engine of this generation.

In an interview with Edge magazine Capps dismisses the potential threat of CryEngine 3 as an unknown quantity, claiming that Epic have the experience to win the day.

Capps said of Crytek's new engine: "Honestly, I've got a lot of respect for those guys. I know many people who work there - and I've hired a few, but it's difficult for us to know what their position is."

"They've positioned themselves strongly as the 'we're gonna be on console, push one button and it's great on all three platforms' engine," he continues. "Warhead was going to come out in 2008 and was going to be their first big console game, and then they just cut console development from CryEngine 2 entirely, and suddenly we had a new engine."

He finishes: "So, they've yet to ship an Xbox 360 game and we're five years in. It surprises me that people take them seriously as a crossplatform engine company. We don't know how to compete against a company that hasn't shipped yet. It's all potential, so we'll see."

Despite the immense technical ability that Crytek has demonstrated with every iteration of CryEngine, Capps evidently thinks that Epic has the edge in terms of predicting what consoles will be capable of. All will become apparent this Christmas, provided Crysis 2 makes its release date.

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