Doctor Who will attract the casual gamer

Cecil hoping to woo the casuals to adventure gaming

Adventure gaming legend, Charles Cecil, is very hopeful that the new Doctor Who series of adventure games can get casual gamers interested in the genre.

The Broken Sword creator is very hopeful that the Doctor Who adventure episodes that he is working on with the BBC and Sumo Digital can bridge the gape between casual and hardcore games.

Cecil told NowGamer: "The episodic game format has the benefit that it delivers content in chunks that can be completed in a few hours. It then allows the release of each new episode to become an 'event', in the same way that each television episode of Doctor Who is keenly anticipated on a Saturday night, and we hope that the same will happen with the episodic adventure games."

He continued: "We expect these Doctor Who games to create a new audience for episodic adventure games - the genre that I believe that casual gamers will migrate to once they move on from 3-in-a-line jewel and hidden object games."

The first episode, entitled City of the Daleks, will be available for free at the beginning of June on the BBC's Doctor Who website.

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