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Gears 3 weapons details emerge

That Russian preview yields more info

More details on Gears of War 3 have emerged as a result of some Russian translations.

Improved translations of the Russian preview carried out by sources close to Eurogamer have uncovered some new weaponry for Marcus and Dom to get their hands on.

Among the new weapons uncovered are a double barrelled shotgun and a rifle that causes more damage when you have consecutive hits on one target.

The highlight of the new weapons selection is a burrowing grenade launcher. The grenade launcher fires projectiles that burrow under cover and emerge behind a target showering their backs with hot shrapnel.

The final bonus is that more weapons have been given melee attacks alongside the Lancer's chainsaw-bayonet.

There are now knife attacks, neck-breaking moves and the ability to force-feed the Locust with the flamethrower.

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