Rage: No differences across platforms

No graphics rage for id fans

Rage, the new game from id Software, will not be any different across PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 according to id's Tim Willits.

Willits, the game's creative director, told NowGamer that Rage will be the same graphically across all three platforms.

Willits said: "Graphically all three platforms look the same - there's some challenges with each of them. The PS3 version right now is most stable."

There is one difference between the platforms and that is that the Xbox 360 version will arrive on two DVDs as opposed to the PS3's single Blu-Ray.

Given id's heritage the PC version could always be that little bit more special, of course, Willits adding: "Maybe on the PC, y'know John Carmack loves to have a few little wingdings you can turn on - special effects stuff. But it'll all be the same."

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