Red Dead Redemption to get free co-op DLC

Time for friends to join in the Western action

Rockstar has announced some good news for fans awaiting the release of their epic Western, Red Dead Redemption.

There will be a free DLC pack due in June, which will add some co-op multiplayer action to Red Dead Redemption.

The pack will add 6 missions in all, 3 of which have already been detailed.

'Walton's Gold' will see gamers rushing through a mining camp to seize as much gold as they can before the whole place goes up in smoke. 'The River' is a bit of a white water raft ride, which requires players to take pot shots at rebel encampments while floating down the river.

The final map described is 'Ammunition' which throws players against the Mexican army in the town of Tesoro Azul.

Thanks GamePro.

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