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Clegg wins Xbox Live election

What will happen in the real thing?

Over the course of the last week Microsoft has been polling UK Xbox Live members on how they will vote in the UK general election.

The survey ran from April 29th to May 4th and the results are now in.

The Liberal Democrat's Nick Clegg came out on top with 30 percent of the vote, Conservative's David Cameron came in second with 20.7 percent and Labour's Gordon Brown took 17.6 percent. The other 31.3 percent were undecided.

Around 416,882 Xbox gamers participated in the survey, which Microsoft carried out to gauge voting preferences of 18-30 year-olds in the UK.

Microsoft's Stephen McGill said: "Whilst the Xbox 360 Live survey is in no way intended to be statistically representative, given the enormous number of votes cast online over the bank holiday weekend (416,882 in total), we believe our results provide a telling barometer of political attitudes amongst 18-30 year olds nationwide."

Thanks Edge Online.

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