MoH to 'take the shooter back'

Watch out Call of Duty and Halo too

After losing their shooter crown to Infinity Ward, EA are set on reclaiming it.

In an interview with Gamasutra, EA's Frank Gibeau spoke of his disappointment with Medal of Honor Airbourne and how they hope to reclaim the FPS genre with the new Medal of Honor title.

Gibeau said: "With Medal of Honor, we're rebooting the series to get into the top 10. I was not satisfied with the sales of Airborne, and it was a project that I inherited when I came into this label, and at the very last minute. We basically had a month on it."

He added: "We looked at the assets, the intellectual property, and the team talent that we had, it made sense to me to bring Medal of Honor back, but it had to be brought back in a new way with a new approach, and that's what we spent the last 18 months or so working on. We're really excited so far to the response to the reboot, and we haven't even really shown that much at all."

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