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Phil Ford: Games offer huge freedom

Writer praises games as a medium for Doctor Who

Speaking at a recent event showcasing the new Doctor Who adventure games series, veteran TV writer Phil Ford has been expressing his excitement at the freedom games have offered the series.

Ford was impressed at just how much that they could do with the games that they just couldn't do on the TV series.

Ford said: "The great thing about the game is that you can go to places that you would never be able to go to with the TV show. It would be prohibitively expensive to develop the City of the Daleks for TV in the way we do in the first episode. You have this horrendously expensive planet, which would be horrendously expensive to build for TV, even using CG."

"You have this huge freedom," Ford added. "The great thing about all of the interactive adventures is that you go to all these great locations that we would never be able to on the telly. You can do all these great things like move into TARDIS and you probably get to see it in far greater detail than you would on the TV show because you have the freedom to explore it for yourselves."

The first episode of the Doctor Who adventures, City of the Daleks, will be available as a free download for UK residents on June 5th.

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