UK games market hits lowest in four years

British gamers stop buying

The UK games market has dropped to its lowest level in four years prompting some odd claims from games retailers about the reason for the drop.

According to Gfk ChartTrack, the UK games market was worth only 13.5 million GBP last week which was 24 percent down on the previous week and the lowest sales figures since 2006.

CHIPS MD Don McCabe believes that consumer confidence is being sapped by the General Election and the warm weather is keeping people out of the shops.

ChartTrack's Chris Poole is a bit more reasonable: "Essentially it comes down to what is being released. Easter was relatively quiet really, and many people will be holding back for the big titles to come. I also imagine it is a combination of things, such as the weather. Were also coming down from the big highs of Modern Warfare 2 and the like, it is understandable the market would hit an eventual low."

Thanks MCV.

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