BioWare upping the ante for MMO combat

They promise 'heroic' acts in the new Star Wars MM

BioWare's big guns have been talking up the combat in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Speaking in their latest developer diary, BioWare founder Dr Ray Muzyka, stressed just how important combat was to what he called the 'Star Wars experience.'

Muzyka said: "Combat is an integral part of the star wars experience along with a whole bunch of other stuff like the hero's journey. It's the essence of feeling heroic. We're really striving to progress the way we show combat, and I think with MMOs, we're going to take them to a new level in the way the combat unfolds in the old Republic."

BioWare creative officer, James Ohlen, expands: "One of the problems of MMO combat is that you often have scenarios where you have multiple enemies beating on a single enemy, and that just..isn't very heroic. What is heroic, is a hero facing unbeatable odds against multiple enemies and fighting his way barely through the encounter."

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