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Conduit 2 to be better than the Conduit

High Voltage promise better gaming this time around

High Voltage, the developer behind Wii FPS The Conduit has been promising that the second game will be much better.

Writing on Sega's community blog, High Voltage's chief creative officer, Eric Nofsinger, promised that they had learned from their mistakes and The Conduit 2 would be a different story.

Nosfinger writes: "With the first Conduit we spent a lot of time establishing a brand new first person shooter engine, with advanced technology for the hardware, while creating a brand new IP at the same time. It really was a lot for the team to handle at one time."

While with the first game it seems they had bitten off more than they could chew, this time round Nosfinger promises to make The Conduit 2 the game The Conduit should have been.

Nosfinger finishes off: "We're doing whatever it takes to make Conduit 2 the very best that it can be because we love the game and our audience. There's a lot more that we still want to accomplish with this game before it ships, and fortunately we still have time to execute on our initial goal to build a game that fully realizes our vision of the Conduit world. We truly hope when you finally get the chance to play the game that you like what you play, hear, and see."

We hope that they can pull it off this time around.

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