Xbox Live enhancements coming

Whipping-up a storm

A number of the scheduled Xbox Live advancements we were deluged with at last year's E3 are apparently set for imminent integration as part of Microsoft's 'Tsunami' update, so report's based on the contents of the Xbox development kit's readme file.

One new feature will allow the sending of a fifteen-second voicemail to another player using the Communicator headset, as well as full integration with MSN Messenger allowing Xbox players to communicate with PC users for the first time. New Clan features are also planned, and these will allow for the structuring of team systems, storing stats, allowing rival-challenges, and generally making new games more readily adopted by organised groups.

Finally, new competition modes will also allow for the arrangement of better defined and organised tournaments, which means more prizes folks (!), whilst the Title-Managed Online Storage system planned will also allow gamers to store and share certain images and game-related files on the Live network. All of which could be integrated as a feature into future Live-enabled games in a number of cunning ways.

We'll keep an eye on this development for you.

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